Director: Maria Tri Sulistyan (Papermoon Puppet Theatre) | Roscha A. Säidow (Retrofuturisten)
Puppetbuilders: Iwan Effendi (Papermoon Puppet Theatre) | Magdalena Roth (Retrofuturisten)
Video: Felix Schiller
Music: Schmidti

Stage Manager: Aditya Murti (Papermoon Puppet Theatre)

Production: Dima Andari (Goethe Institut Indonesien) | Retrofuturisten


Actors | Puppeteers Franziska Dittrich (Retrofuturisten), Magdalena Roth (Retrofuturisten), Jana Weichelt, Caspar Bankert, Pambo Prioyati (Papermoon Puppet Theatre), Felix Schiller

Produced by Goethe-Institut Indonesien and HfS "Ernst Busch", department for puppetry.





journey with no limits

Cooperation between Papermoon Puppet Theatre, the RETROFUTURISTEN, the Goethe-Institut Indonesien and the HfS Ernst Busch, Puppetry Department

Two Puppetry Companies as well as puppetry students were put together to create a project and a show. An exciting task! 14.141 km and 14 country borders between them. Different continents, cultures, different ways of working and perspectives, different worlds meet and invent something new. What combines all the people? Where do they find a common language? Are there still cultural borders when everybody has access to the same media and information all the time, world-wide?


Premiere during the "German Season" in Indonesia, organised by the Goethe-Institute Indonesia.

01.10.2015 | Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

04.10.2015 | Jakarta (Indonesia)

09.10.2015 | Festival Incanti (Turin, Italy)

06.05.2016 | Festival Konstanz

10.05.2016 | FIDENA Festival Bochum

25.05.2016 | JALAN-JALAN @ Schaubude Berlin