Up high a Raven flying

And High Up A Raven

When six stories become one

Project initiated and financed by Goethe Institut Jordan.


Storytelling tradition meets modern puppet- and object theater. As part of the book-project "1001 pages" of the Goethe Institut Jordan, Retrofuturisten work together with local artists such as storytellers, dancers, performers and musicians on a theatre show which will be released at the end of february 2017 in Amman, Jordan.


Based on six european novels for young adults, Retrofuturisten designed a new storyline which deals with the art of storytelling and the power of wisdom and imagination. The interdisciplinary combination of art forms such as dance, storytelling, music, shadow play and puppetry will create an unusal, colourful and humorous way of seeing the media "literature". Yalla Yalla!


Premiere: 20. February 2017 | Amman @ NCCA

Further Shows: 20. - 23. February | Amman, Jordan


Initiated and produced by Goethe Institut Jordan.