26. May 2016, 8 pm @ JALAN-JALAN

Schaubude Berlin


Language: German

Director/Script: Roscha A. Säidow
Scenery/Costumes/Puppets: Jana Barthel
Cast/Music: Franziska Dittrich, Magdalena Roth, Johannes Hubert

Premiere: 12.12.2013 // Galerie Parterre Berlin, in the context of the exhibition „Kontainer Berlin. Einar Schleef. Zeichnungen“

Sponsored by  "Bezirksamt Pankow Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, FB Kunst und Kultur" and Schaubude Berlin.



A reflection on existence as an (life-)artist


The vernissage is cancelled. Called off by higher authority. The gallery lights are turned off. An artist remains left all alone surrounded by his works and thoughts. This moment of loneliness turns into a driving force of creativity, becomes prelude to a partly beautiful, sometimes disturbing imaginary voyage through thoughts and images in the mind of an outsider.

An evening inspired by the life and work of allround artist Einar Schleef, about fear of failure, procrastination and percieved anxiety about what the future will bring - the paralyzing effect of which needs to be overcome. Three performers venture to explore the dark places of the human mind where fear and self doubt lurk beneath the surface in a tongue-in-cheek manner. In the cold glare of overheadprojectors, accompanied by live music, they seek a germ of truth just to find it, finally, within themselves. Everyone is on his own path. There are neither rules nor guidelines.