by Finn-Ole Heinrich

First release: 03.09.2012

Neuköllner Oper in cooperation with „Berliner Festspiele“ as part of the International Festival of Literature, Berlin

Director: Roscha A. Säidow
Scenery/Costumes: Julia Plickat
Music: Knut Jensen
Music Direction: Andreas Hirche
Puppet design and building: Magdalena Roth, Franziska Dittrich

Cast: Franziska Dittrich, Kai Meyer, Magdalena Roth, Andreas Hirche

Andi Kolumpeck is a real A... . Dumb as a stump but equally strong and mean. He's the reason Frerk is afraid, simply because he always gets a beating. And those parents of Frerk's aren't much help either. Daddy is a wimp, because, well, he never says a word and mom, well, she talks too much...way too much. Everything is a nuisance, nothing is okay, and also she's allergic to basically everything. Everything fun is forbidden. Naturally, the dog Frerk wishes to have so badly is out of the question. There's one more thing: Frerk isn't actually small. But even so, the children like to call him „Frerk, the dwarf“ anyhow. But Frerk has a secret. A secret you'll find out about - in theatre.