A space countdown masquerade accompanied by live music


Songs filled with melancholy and the rough sea – the sailors' life is a life of ill fame, steeped in legends. A sharp contrast to the stark and sterile hightech worls of space travel – a flag on the moon, a meteor shower, the universe...

What if Columbus took the wrong turn and came ashore on Mars and not the coast of America?



Sitting in front of his telescope night after night, Foster, explorer and keen on adventures dreams of journeys through space. To make this dream come true he proposes the exploitation of new resources on far-away planets to a panel of scientists. After tough negotiations concerning the research budget the investors agree on the project and Foster rises to be a national hero as his spaceship lifts off.

But there are complications. Fosters' spaceship is caught in a meteor shower and he is forced to land. Stranded on a small planet, his interplanetary vehicle a pile of scrap metal, he finds himself watched warily by alien creatures. One of them dares to step closer to him and makes contact with Foster...


Physical, mainly silent masque and sea shantyesque- futuristic live Music, set the scene for an extraordinary voyage.


Suitable for international guests.



Schaubude Berlin

10. October 2014, 8 pm (Premiere)
11. October 2014, 8 pm
12. October 2014, 8 pm


08. November 2014, 8 pm
09. November 2014, 8 pm

Libretto/ Director: Roscha A. Säidow
Puppetdesign/ building: Magdalena Roth, Franziska Dittrich
Scenery: Julia Plickat
Costumes: Jelena Miletic
Music: Schmidti

Cast: Franziska Dittrich, Magdalena Roth, Kai Wido Meyer, Schmidti

Sponsored by "Bezirksamt Pankow Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur."


Supported by Schaubude Berlin, Neuköllner Oper Berlin and HfS "Ernst Busch", Abt. Zeitgenössisches Puppenspiel.